Meet The Slate Brothers. Each One A Football Star. Each One Sexy, Rough And Completely Untamed.

A standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA

Sebastian Slate is everything I’m against:

Privileged athlete.

Arrogant sex-machine.

Ruthless heartbreaker.

When I came to Berkfield University, I vowed to stay away from men like him. Men who think they can toy with women, use them as playthings and then discard them like empty cups of beer after one of their obnoxious parties.

But then I actually meet Sebastian Slate up close and personal.

Before I know it, my body is responding to him despite knowing how wrong it is.

And even more shocking is the fact that he actually seems to notice me back.

It’s as if everything in my universe has been turned upside down.

All the things I thought were important, I’m turning away from. And all of the things I thought I hated, I actually want. Like Sebastian Slate, the super-confident football hero who walks around this entire college like it’s his personal playground.

It turns out that I’ll give up everything, all of my hopes and dreams and values, simply to be touched by his dirty, rough hands. Just to feel his lips all over my body.

Just to be snapped, once and for all….