Planning to build shipping container home looking for answer. "Shipping container homes are next big think in housing market probably do to the fact that housing prices are ridiculously high, not to mention the prices on everything are climbing through the roof. Shipping containers are widely available and are becoming rather inexpensive it is easy to build it justify with modern architect and design. Well let me tell you, there are thousands of people everyday turning old shipping containers into the tiny houses of the dreams. In this book you will learn all the information you need to know to get started. Let me help you to build your first shipping container home of your dream and live mortgage free rest of your life." Here is what you get What is shipping container home Why shipping container home Types of shipping container homes Permit and licensing Pricing Timing How to find a shipping container Shopping considerations Material and quality How to plan your shipping container home Building checklist Planning your shipping container homes room. Life style modification Advantage Disadvantage Saving big thinking small. And much more ( look inside) This book is not only tell you how to build a shipping container homes but it will also tell you how to organize and maintain it afterword, there people who has no idea about how live in this kind of home and if you are not comfortable than you might end up in that list, it is better to know how to handle it before than to wonder after there are lots of problem regarding plumbing and electricity you can face if you are not care full. This book covers all the problem one can have with shipping container home and that is what makes this book unique. What makes it different than others? This book is precise point to point there is no fluff It has a proper plan for shipping container homes. It will touch all the part which you need to know to build a shipping container home. Don't waste your time reading short book which ha